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"Lighter is like having a personal nutritionist who does the grocery shopping & brings you foods that you'll love." Caroline

Lighter is convenient and affordable. Never go to the grocery store again. It takes 5 minutes to set up your profile then 30 seconds a week to approve your delivery, saving you over 100 hours every year. Free delivery, and at $4.00-$5.80 per meal, nothing is cheaper. Lighter is sustainable and delicious. Plant-based diets are the gentlest on the planet. And over 1,000 passionate recipe testers across the country are in their kitchens making sure you'll love every bite!
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Our Mission


Tara Stiles

Our mission is to challenge the Standard American Diet (SAD) and celebrate real food.

We're making the sustainable, healthy choice the delicious, convenient and affordable choice. We are helping folks save time, stick to a budget and still have a Lighter footprint with plant-based whole foods.

Our co-founder Micah knows what it's like to feed a family on a budget and has worked her magic so that each meal is between $4.00-$5.80. This means you get great nutrition information, delicious recipes and your groceries delivered while saving money every week.

Our Story

When Micah and I first met at a Boston coffee shop in 2013, we quickly discovered that we shared a life mission to fix our broken food system. I had shed 45lbs, become an attorney and was deeply involved in food policy when we met. Micah, an ultra marathoner and mama, had finished a graduate nutrition program. Hours after finishing our coffee, Micah and I left the shop as partners in crime (well, business) to ignite our revolution, Lighter. With Lighter we were determined to use the power of technology to take enormous leaps where only small steps were once possible.

Over the years we've realized that big leaps are possible. Through inspired software, we can help our friends all over the country break the cycle of self-defeating diets. We can enable families to enjoy time together on Sundays instead of doing annoying grocery errands. We can rescue loving, ambitious parents from making the tough choice between food that is convenient and food that nourishes the family.

Over the last year we've gathered an incredible team of fierce women who feel just as strongly about this mission as we do. I am so proud of their tenacity and am deeply in love with this journey. This is our beautiful beginning. Thank you for being part of it.

With gratitude,

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Our Non-Profit Partners

We want Lighter to be an engine for our non-profit partners who work day and night to make this world a better place. If you heard about us from a non-profit please let us know. We'll donate a dollar for every week that you eat Lighter from now until infinity.