Eating good food at home should be delicious, convenient and affordable for everyone.

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Our mission is to challenge the Standard American Diet (SAD) and celebrate real food.

We’re making the sustainable, healthy choice the delicious, convenient and affordable choice. We are helping folks save time, stick to a budget and still have a Lighter footprint with plant-based whole foods.

Micah knows what it's like to feed a family on a budget and has worked her magic so that each meal is between $4.00 - $5.80. This means you get great nutrition information, delicious recipes and your groceries delivered while saving money every week.


Micah Risk

Director of Nourishment

Christine Dolendo

Tech Sorcerer

Alexis Fox

Chief Empowerment Officer

Lara Goodrich Ezor

Director of Community Nourishment

Kristie King

Director of Community Care


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